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Offer intermittent offset printing machine, flexo printing machine, silk screen printing machine, die cutting machine, slitting machine, inspecting machine...

Weigang involved in the drawing up of industry standard
  • Weigang, as the first drafter, developed industry standard JB/t 9111-2014 “self-adhesive label printing machine” released in 2014
  • Weigang, as the first drafter, developed industry standard JB/T 12374-2015 “stack flexographic printing machine” released in 2016
  • Weigang, as the second drafter, developed industry standardJB/T 12714-2015“roll to roll flat bed die cutting machine has been reported.
  • Weigang are responsible for the draft of2014-0684T-JB “narrow web rotary die cutting machine” and 20140867-T-604 “inspection system for roll printed material”, which are in the process of approval.
Patent Summary:

In terms of the intellectual property rights, Weigang holds one first set ,twoinvention patents, thirty-twoutility model patents, five software copyrights.


Zhejiang WEIGANG machinery Co., Ltd. (Formerly: Ruian Donghai Printing Machinery Co., Ltd.) is professional printing manufacturer which involves R&D, production, marketing and service.
We started as a workshop in 1996 and established company in April, 2000.We have ground of 27000 square meter and 30500 square meter construction scale.

1996, Mr.Bingsong Zhou built the first CNC flatbed label die-cutting machine in China.
2000, we launched the first tower type flexo printing machine in China, leading the flexo printing industry on a new era
2005, our main products passed CE certifications
2008, the first label offset printing machine in China ZX-320 was launched.
2009, we became the first drafting company for the industry standard "Adhesive label printing machine" 2010, Weigang passed ISO9001:2008 quality system
2011, ZX-320 label offset printing machine was honored as National Torch Plan
2012, Weigang performs as the first drafting company for the industry standard "tower type flexo printing machine"
2013, Weigang was honored as National Torch Plan VIP high-tech enterprises

We has been committed to the R&D and production of label printing machinery industry since 1996.Zhejiang Weigang MachineryCo.,Ltd is one of biggest narrow web printing machine and finishing manufacturers in China, which collects together research and development(R &D), production and sale.
The company currently has 229 workerswith college diploma or above 36.5%; high school 49.2%; middle school 14.2%, and 87% workers has the working license. There are 52 technical talentsdirectly engaged in research and development.
Weigang is the first one who has CNC center and equipped with coordinate measuring machine in Zhejiang Province.


Our main products are ZX-320 intermittent label offset printing machine, ZJR-330 modular flexo printing machine(sleeve type), ZBS series flexo printing machine, WQM series flat bed die-cutting machine, WQ series silk screen printing machine, ZM series rotary/semi rotary die-cutting machine and ZB series auto inspecting machine. Our ZJR series flexo printing is also the initiate of China after our ZX-320 offset printer.

Our products is applicable to label field
  • Food label
  • Security label
  • Harmaceutical label
  • Daily chemical label
  • Alcohol label
  • Wine label
  • Electronic label
  • Oil label

Our machines are suitable for the short, medium and long run job for high-end labels, which is the ideal choice for the printing factories and manufacturers.

Technological Achievements

Zhejiang WEIGANG machinery co., ltd. is not only the director of China Printing Machinery Association, but also the leader of narrow label printing in china. At present, the R&D capability, scale of production, quality standard, sales turnover, human resource, brand name, and intellectual property rights of WEIGANG are ranking top in China printing industry field.
WEIGANG is the first industry-standard drafting company who won the national high-tech enterprises, the national innovation fund and the national torch plan. We have 2 patents, 32 utility model patents and own a complete independent intellectual property system.

Social prestige 

To be a successful enterprise, besides qualified products, jobs and tax, the most important thing is to contribute to the society. Since our company moved to Songqiao Industrial Area of Pingyang in October, 2009, social responsibility is always in WEIGANG’s mind. We attend the elderly activities, local charity activities as well as other society activities.
We helped the poor village—Linxi village, opened a primary school there which helps many children enter the new school buildings.
WEIGANG is honored as “charity star”, “harmonious enterprise” …

Sales territory

Our quality products and service have enabled us to expand our market from China to more than 80 countries. In addition, we set agents in 17 countries.
Advanced design concepts, excellent product quality, sincere management strategy, well found marketing network and perfect after-sales service system, WEIGANG has already won the trust and support from customs at home and abroad.

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